Back to business…….

Everyone in the industry said that 2020 would be a big year and that’s exactly what it has been so far!

My social media inbox, emails and phone haven’t stopped flashing since New Years Day and I couldn’t be happier with the recommendations, enquiries and bookings I’m getting on a daily basis. I am blessed to work with some amazing teams and venues that recommend my services to their clients and couples.

Having my own business has allowed me to be flexible, creative and given me the chance to spend some quality time with my little one’s and watch them grow up; that’s something no amount of money can buy and it goes so quickly so I’m enjoying every moment. Yes it’s hard when you host an event and come in at 2am, then your children jump on you at 6am, but would I change it……no!

It can be exhausting when you are a sole trader running your business as you are; effectively being the Operations Manager, HR Assistant, Accountant, Administrator, Customer Service Representative, Salesman, Marketing Assistant and Operative but having these responsibilities not only grows your business but you as a person too. Some days are harder than others but if you plan your diary, create realistic tasks and ensure you look after your wellbeing, you will succeed!

For all of you out there running a small business, keep focussed, talk to other professionals and ensure you still give yourself enough time to do things for you. Your business will be there tomorrow and you can always pick things up another day.

Dean John