Corporate Events

A professional host not only becomes the face of your event, but also serves as the linchpin holding everything together while keeping your audiences engaged.

Corporate events are a significant investment. Partnering with an expert Event Host and MC allows companies to maximise their impact with leaders, sales teams, employees, customers and attendees.

Dean John is a professional host and MC who is regularly commissioned to host corporate and consumer events because he is quick on his feet, credible, warmly energetic and connects effortlessly with a room full of attendees. Dean’s enthusiastic, engaging and natural approach keeps audience’s of all sizes captivated from start to finish, without the need to resort to gimmicks. 

Awards Evenings


Charity Events

Dean John has widespread experience of hosting an assortment of Charity Dinners, Awards Evenings and most recently Sporting Events. He has hosted many auctions and raffles where he uses his charisma to warm up a room full of potential bidders prior to the auction, as well as during and after. Dean John works diligently to entertain and delight your audience, whilst encouraging them to support your fundraising goals. Dean John can offer an exclusive package for your event by pairing all of this with the option of an after event party, where he will allow your guests to dance the night away and finish their evening off with style. 

If you would like to discuss your event with a skilled host that can deliver a professional yet affordable service, get in touch today.