The Christmas like never before….

Well, another lockdown means only one thing; another blog. So after such an eventful year for not only our industry but the rest of the world too, life is still so up in the air for all of us at the moment. No one could have predicted the impact this virus would have and the devastating effect that it would have on all our lives.

The good news is they may have found a vaccine, the bad news is that we will probably not see the impact and normal life resuming until the start of 2022.

Christmas this year is going to very different this year: families having a smaller pot of money for presents, no Christmas parties with the happiness and laughter they bring and to top it all off, most people will be at home on New Year’s Eve playing board games and have a few drinks with your nearest and dearest without celebrating with some of your close friends.

For me, this will be the first Christmas and New Year I haven’t worked for over 5 years. The silver lining is I will be with my family over the festive period and it will be amazing to see in 2021 with my little tribe. On the other hand, no gigs means yet another month with no income so the strain on our family life is real as I’m sure it is for others in our industry too.

Many couples that had booked me this year have been amazingly supportive of my business and have looked to reschedule to next year. Unfortunately, some I was unable to move. Having over 80 bookings this year it’s difficult to be in two places at once!

I am positive that things will pick up again and people might not take life for granted as they once did. My message is to people looking to get married is not to wait years for their big day so this amazing industry can come back fighting and bringing joy into peoples lives once more.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support this year; sharing and liking all my posts and being so understanding with your parties or events. I am still very much open for business and 2021/22 is filing up already. If you would like to discuss your wedding entertainment, party or corporate event, please get in touch with me.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, follow the guidance so we can get our lives back on track ready for 2021.

Stay Safe

Dean John